Youth IGF

Call for Applications

Youth Internet Governance Forum Camp, Seoul 2013

Date : 2013 Sep. 3rd ~ 6th (4-day-3-night)
Venue : SUNY(State University of New York) Korea
Quota : 40
Eligibility : University Students or Tertiary Education Students who have good communication skills in English
Accommodation : Provided from 2nd to 6th nights(5 nights 6 days)
Meal : Breakfast, Lunch for 3rd-6th Sep, Dinner for 3rd-5th Sep
Rooms : A-Zone 141(Main), 326, 347, 348(Meeting Room)

Main Theme: Sustainable Development of Healthy Internet

The rapid growth of the Internet and its penetration rate has made it a daily necessity that people cannot live without and especially us, the Youth in this Internet era. Undoubtedly the Internet has helped us in many positive ways and stay connected with others, but indeed it has also brought us some concerns such as cyber addiction, privacy issues, cyber bullying, etc. What will be a “Healthy Internet” and how we can make it more sustainable? This may be achieved in many ways through policies, behavior of the Internet users, business practices, etc. We hope to share with the participants on the current Internet issues as well as providing a discussion platform on what we can do as youth and inspire each other. Being the generation of “Netizen” who grown up with the Internet, you should join us together and be a contributor in building a better Internet.

Sub themes:

  • Security

◦ Research Topic: Who should bear the greatest responsibility of safeguarding privacy on the Internet?

  • Access

◦ Research Topic: Is “Blocking” a necessary way to tackle cyber addiction?

  • Openness

◦ Research Topic:Should Internet censorship exist?

Mission of 2013 YIGF:

  • To promote a proper, positive and healthy Internet environment.
  • To provoke thinking from different perspectives by adopting the multi-stakeholder approach.
  • To be aware of the responsibility of an individual as well as other stakeholders in building a healthy Internet platform together

Brief Agenda

Day 1 – September 3rd 2013 (Tuesday)

  • Opening & Welcome for YIGF Delegates
  • Ice-Breaking
  • Internal Meetings (Group Discussion)

Day 2 – September 4th 2013 (Wednesday)

  • Joint Opening with APrIGF
  • Internal Meetings (Group Discussion)
  • External Meetings (Inter-Group)

Day 3 – September 5th 2013 (Thursday)

  • Roundtable Discussions from Youth’s perspective
  • Wrap-up

Day 4 – September 6th 2013 (Friday)

  • Attend APrIGF workshops and summary sessions
  • YIGF (11:30-13:00, Open to APrIGF Participants)

How to Apply:

1) Download the application form;
2) Fill out the form
3) Submit the form to [email protected]